Friday, January 14, 2011

Zoya - Perrie

Hello friends!

I have had the same color on my nails for three days, but didn't get around to photographing it until today. I was sick yesterday- randomly dizzy and sore. All better today, though!

I'm wearing one of my old (meaning not from the recent free promotion) Zoyas. Perrie is what I think is best described as an "orchid" color. It's very unique. Not really pastel, but not bold either. More red than blue.
Here are two pictures that show how crazy hard it is to photograph nail polish. The first one is indoors, under bright overhead lighting. The second is outdoors. Totally different polishes, right? Nope! So now you see why I have to wait for sunlight. That color is MUCH more accurate.

Anyway, my right hand is totally chippy. I love this polish, but I can't wait to take it off today after I get back from the gym. I'm meeting up with some of my best friends tonight- Shane, Kyle, and Jess! We met in a biology class in 2009 and we try to get together every few months to catch up. Yay! So I have to pick a nail color for tonight, but it also has to work for my best friend Justine's baby shower tomorrow! She's having a little boy, so I'll probably go with something blue or green. We'll see!

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