Sunday, January 23, 2011

Essence - Sundancer

Right now, I look like a huge tomato. My face is swollen, red, bumpy, and itchy. I'll go to the doctor tomorrow, but for now I'm coated in calamine lotion even though it's not really helping.

So, without MUCH comment, here is Essence - Sundancer. It was $.99 at Ulta and it's a pretty good dark yellow/light orange shade. Not what I wanted though. I was looking for a dark yellow, but this isn't it. To orangey. Still, for a dollar, it's good! It is a smaller bottle though- a mini. This is four coats, though. Yellows always take more coats. I don't really know why! One picture is direct sunlight, one is indirect.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I don't have to wrap my face up like this to get to the doctor tomorrow. This is what I do for my readers:

That's me all bundled up with my face tied up in a scarf so I could venture onto my porch without scaring the neighborhood children.


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