Saturday, January 8, 2011

Target Dollar Bin Polish


I found this nail polish yesterday in the dollar bin area at Target. They have a whole bunch of Paris-themed stuff right now, including lotions, sleeping masks, pencils, etc. I found this polish mixed in!

It has no brand name, color label, or anything of the sort. Basically, it's lavender hearts floating in clear polish. Nicole by OPI has a light pink version and a red version of this. I own the red one, and it's great to jazz up a manicure.

My friend Janine just gave me a tip about these polishes. It's a lot easier to use a toothpick to pick out the hearts! Rather than globbing this polish on, trying to get the right amount of hearts, this method gives you a lot more control.

The only other polishes I saw were boring reds and pinks, and most of my experience with super cheap no-brand polish hasn't been good. I just couldn't resist this one though- it's hard to mess up purple glitter hearts!

I hope you're having a great weekend!


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