Tuesday, January 11, 2011

China Glaze - Blue Island Iced Tea

Hey everyone!

Here are some pictures of my current NOTD, China Glaze - Blue Island Iced Tea. This is one of the polishes from the 2008 collection "Bahama Blues." It was a set of six blue polishes, with a good variety of shades and finishes. I saw some swatches of this color online, and I had to have it! I just purchased it off of eBay a few weeks ago for cheap- less than $5. I'm pretty sure it's not part of China Glaze's core collection, so you'd probably have to find it on an auction site, not a retail site.

Unfortunately, it's been pretty overcast here in Baltimore! I took these pictures yesterday when the sun peeped out for a minute. By the time I uploaded them and looked at the full-size pictures, the sun was gone! I wanted to retake these because they aren't too crisp. Oh, well! One pictures shows direct sunlight, one is indirect sun.

Blue Island Iced Tea is a very light blue metallic shade. It looks silverish in some lights, but it's definitely blue. I am in love with it! I have no other shades anything close to this one. It's very unique, and I also think it transcends seasons. It's a nice icy shade for winter, but definitely fun enough for summer. This is definitely a three-coater. In the pictures, I have only two coats on my pinkie, and you can see that it looks sheer, like a watercolor. Actually, it sort of looks sheer on all my nails in the pictures, but it's opaque in person.

In non-nail polish-related news, I've been spending a lot of time "blinging out" cell phone cases and mirrors to sell on my Etsy site, robotjellyfish. I go through phases of making stuff and phases of forgetting all about it, but lately I'm on a rhinestone high. Since I have off work all month, it's a little something to keep me busy!

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