Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ummmmmmmmmm... no.

Okay, sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you envisioned it would. Sometimes, the same thing happens with manicures. This is one of those times.

First, let's look at the arsenal of nail polish used for my Valentine's Day manicure. Please see the picture for bottle shots of all EIGHT. Here's a list of how it went down:

1 coat Orly Bonder base coat
2 coats Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud
2 coats China Glaze - Rainbow
1 coat Seche Vite to dry things faster

THEN I used a toothpick to pick out the following:
Red hearts - Nicole by OPI - Have a Heart
Purple hearts - Random Target nail polish
Pink hearts - LA Splash - Be Mine

1 coat of Gelous to smooth things out
1 coat Seche Vite

Oh, and did I mention that I started this manicure at 10:30 last night? Bad idea. Let's go to the pictures.

Be Mine has white microglitter PACKED throughout, and that covered all of the red and purple hearts, which I hated. Also, everything I slopped on top totally covered the effect of Rainbow, so I really wish I had just left off those two coats! So even going to bed last night, I knew it was a disaster. I left it on just to take pictures. It was just TOO MUCH.

This morning, I woke up to BUBBLE CITY. All of the dark speckles in the pictures? Bubbles. No wonder, there were like 1000 coats of crap on my nails! Bubbles popped up EVERYWHERE, making the entire manicure totally laughable. Oh well, it just goes to show you that things don't always go as planned!

To add insult to injury, I woke up today with a pounding headache, almost certainly caused by shutting myself in a room with eight polishes for the evening. It's gone now, though, so yay! Both the manicure and the headache, that is. Sorry, but I didn't take time to clean up my cuticles or any sloppy workmanship for the pictures. I took this look off first thing, and came up with a much cleaner, more understated look that is equally Valentine-y.

I'll have the TRUE Valentine's Day manicure tomorrow! For now, enjoy this failure! I like the concept, just not the execution. Boo0000!


  1. Amazing.

    1) I don't love yellow but I like the China one from a few posts back.

    2) You must be super fast at doing this.

  2. I can't figure out how to reply to comments, so I'll just write a new one!

    You should love yellow! I do. I hate orange, though.

    I have gotten REALLY fast. And I hardly get nail polish on my skin anymore. That's what takes the most time- cleaning up your skin around the nails.

  3. This post made me laugh, especially the title.
    I also tried to have some fun with a Valentines Day manicure, out of boredom, that ended up very poorly. I had to get rid of it ASAP
    - Liz


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