Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Recycle

Sorry for the delay between posts! As I mentioned, I started back to work last week after having January off, so things were really busy! The first week of the semester is always crazy.

Today I have Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) - Recycle to share with you! This polish is usually $18, but I purchased it during their 50% off sale a few months ago. Everyone always raves about Recycle and how it's the best dark green, so I figured I'd pick it up.

RBLs are known for being perfect in two coats. Things didn't quite go that way for me. What you see in the pictures is two coats. I was doing my nails in dim lighting so I just assumed they'd look good after two thick coats. However, I'd say they look streaky and uneven. Next time I'll be sure to try three coats and see if that works out better.

I do love the color, though! It's a really pretty forest green. Just the perfect balance of blues and reds to keep it pretty neutral. I think any skin tone could wear this color.

So how's everyone doing? I ran into one of my loyal readers at the gym yesterday! Hi, Aubrey! She was telling me about two new nail polish colors mark. is releasing soon- a bright pink and a soft shimmery peach (let me know if I messed that up). I order Avon pretty regularly but I haven't tried mark. yet. Maybe I'll give it a whirl! Aub, if you want, feel free to post your mark. store in the comments.

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  1. Hey! Good to see you too! I'm not a huge fan of green nails, but I love your bravery. And thanks for the plug! Yes, mark is coming out with 2 nail polishes in March. I will actually be giving these two polishes along with some other great mark products ($100 value) during my Facebook event to a few lucky customers!


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