Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hard Candy - Sky

When I was in high school, I coveted Hard Candy polish. As far as I know, you could only get it by ordering from the company directly. I remember tearing their ads out of my Seventeen Magazines and even calling their ordering line to listen to information about the polishes. It wasn't a 1-800 number, so I remember my parents getting their phone bill in the mail and asking me why I was calling California every day. Whoops!

Anyway, they had a whole line of beautiful pastels in every color of the rainbow. The most iconic polish from Hard Candy was Sky, a very pale blue. In those days (we're talking mid- to late-90's here), no one really wore "different" nail polish colors. The first time someone I knew wore a green shade, I was obsessed. Maybe I should mention here that I attended an all-girls Catholic high school, and we were probably pretty sheltered! Point being, I dreamed about owning Sky, but never thought I would.
Cut to 15 years later and I find myself making special trips to Walmart to look for Hard Candy cosmetics! Yup, they're back, and have been for a while now, but the line is exclusively available at Walmart stores. I hate Walmart, but I make a pilgrimage there every few months to check out if there is anything new from Hard Candy. I love their Welcome Matte pressed powder.
They have finally done a "re-release" of Sky, but it's not the same as the original. This one has a very slight blue shimmer running through it. It's hard as heck to apply. Lots of cuticle pooling, and it took forever to dry- even with Seche Vite over. But it's still hard to resist- it even comes with a cute ring like the original nail polishes did! To me, Sky is more of a collection piece, but not a piece I'll generally go to for a quick manicure. Too much work! I really did try to clean up my cuticles for these pictures, but there's still some mess. I'm sorry! This polish is a toughie.

I hope you're having a great weekend!!! Did you fawn over Hard Candy back in the day? Let me know! Of course, since I can't stay away from Crackle polishes, I put gray crackle over Sky today. I'll share that look tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Haha, your story about calling the company and getting billed for it is too cute!

    I don't have any Hard Candy polishes, but only because I never go to Walmart. Oh what I would give to have them at Target...


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