Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Nail Polish Heaven!!!

Hi everyone! In picking out my St. Patrick's Day nail polish, I decided to take all of my greens on a field trip to the porch, where I snapped their group photo. This was trickier than it sounds, as first I had to decide which polishes ARE green. Some were close, but too blue, so they didn't make the cut. Overall, I'm happy with this representation. I had to color correct a few pics to get them to look more accurate for you guys. At the end, I'll show you the polish I chose for my nails!

Group 1, left to right:
OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape
FingerPaints - Chrysanthe-mum's the Word
Avon - Jade
American Apparel - Office
Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle - Gentle Blossom

Group 2, left to right:
Sinful Colors - Mint Apple
OPI - Jade is the New Black
New York Summer - Amaranth
Delia*s - no name
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Lime Lights

Group 3, left to right:
Hard Candy - Sweet P
Essence - Lime Up!
FingerPaints - Guggen I'm Lime
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Grass Slipper
Revlon - Beach

Group 4, left to right:
Nfu-Oh - 56
Ulta Professional - Into the Limelight
Zoya - Ivanka
Revlon Matte Suede - Emerald City

Group 5, left to right:
Zoya - Envy
essie - Pretty Edgy
American Apparel - Army Jacket
Essence - Check Me Out

Phew! That was a lot of polish! And I realized I left out one of my favorites: Rescue Beauty Lounge - Recycle. Oh, well. I knew I'd end up leaving something out! Another thing I realized is that I own no green polishes from China Glaze, which is weird to me! I need to change that.

So which did I choose for my St. Patrick's Day manicure?
Zoya - Ivanka! She is perfect green sparkly goodness.

Sadly, I won't be wearing this manicure on the actual day! Happily, I have a job interview for a medical facility, so I chopped down my nails (as you can see) and I'll be wearing a nice neutral color for my interview on Thursday. Wish me luck!


  1. I´d like to have Avon Jade, Sinful Colors Mint Apple, Delia*s no name, FingerPaints Guggen I'm Lime and Nfu Oh 56!

  2. So funny... when I was looking the Zoya one caught my eye. And then it was the one you picked!


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