Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Milani - Totally 80's

Hello, and happy Tuesday!

Here's a pretty little thing. Milani - Totally 80's from their Neon collection! I have five of the colors in this group, and I think this one is my favorite! The other colors I have aren't really neon- the blue, red, purple, and pink. They're pretty, just not neon. Whatev!
 Totally 80's is really hard to explain. It's a yellow-green neonish color. It makes me think of highlighters and wasabi. Mixed together. It really wasn't hard to apply, believe it or not! Yellows are notoriously difficult to get even and opaque, but this is just two easy coats. I really love Milani! They do so many great things and keep their prices low.
I do really recommend this color. I love it a lot. I am showing you pictures in indirect and direct sunlight, so you can see it for what it is. I think there is some VNL in the sun picture, but you really can't see it if you're looking at my nails in person. I'm a fan!

In personal news, I got the job!!! So I now have two part-time jobs, which will really help me save money for nursing school! I'm really excited. I'll be working in a lab preparing bodies that have been donated to science. I know it sounds terribly morbid, but the human body is the most beautiful, complicated, intricate, confusing, amazing thing in the world. I think I'll have a new appreciation for life.

How's your week going? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. It may sound even more weird that someone (me) that has nothing to do with science and just loves creepy, weird things thinks that job sounds awesome! Congrats!
    - Liz


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