Tuesday, July 5, 2011

American Apparel Neons

Hello, and I hope you all had a great July 4th weekend! Today I have my collection of American Apparel Neon polishes for you. The only one I didn't buy is the Neon Orange because I don't care for it, but I did swatch it at the store. There are seven polishes in the collection. I think there wasn't originally a Blue, but now there is.
My boyfriend gave me Neon Red, Neon Violet, and Neon Green as a surprise. I loved them! I wore full manicures with each, and each lasted at least three days. The green is definitely my favorite. It's so so SO SO bright! So I went back to American Apparel to get the rest, but I opted to skip the orange. I'm just not a fan. The coral is orange enough for me. Here, swatched from index to pinkie, are Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, and Neon Coral (also on my thumb). You'll really have to click to enlarge these pictures for the true color. Blogger is muting the colors.
Here's a full manicure with Neon Blue, on my right hand. I'm disappointed! I just did my nails last night, and they already have tip wear! I didn't have this problem with the green, red, or purple, so I don't know if maybe I just did my nails too fast or something. And also, because you need to know, this blue gave me MAJOR smurf hands when I removed it. My fingertips are totally stained blue. That's a huge downer.
You definitely need top coat on all of these if you want a shiny finish. The blue was the only one to dry with some shine.

What do you think? I'll post swatches of the red, green and violet soon.


  1. I really like the blue! I'm not usually a fan of neons but the way the blue looks on the nail may change my mind!

  2. i like the orange... it could pop out nicely against all black ensembles.


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